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Putting An End To A Noisy Problem

The ka-boom of field artillery rattles windows near Camp Shelby, especially when weather conditions are just right. Military officials have started preliminary work to prevent the occasional noise complaint from escalating into a divisive community issue that could threaten Camp Shelby's future.

A Joint Land Use Study will pinpoint where the most noise is generated on the 132-thousand-acre post and will go a step further to identify surrounding areas that would be affected by the noise. Because Camp Shelby pumps about 66 million dollars annually into the Hattiesburg area economy, officials say keeping the military and civilian communities happy matters. Camp Shelby officials say the firing ranges near McLaurin and the air-to-ground range east of Mississippi 29 are the noisy areas.

Their Installation Environmental Noise Management Plan recommends the land surrounding those areas be limited to industrial or commercial use.

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