Stores Stock Up Hurricane Supplies, But What About Residents?

The 2007 Hurricane Season begins Friday and it's time for South Mississippians to get ready. Every year, state and local officials and all of us at WLOX tell people what they need to be doing now in case a hurricane hits.

Home Depot in Gulfport offers everything from weather radios to generators, most of what you'd need to have on hand in case a hurricane threatens. But most of the people we talked to didn't have storm supplies on their shopping lists.

"We order batteries. We stock batteries all the time," said store employee Rico Cruz. "We'll order triple that amount, if not four times as much, for the hurricane season."

The store is ready to sell hurricane supplies. Then the question became whether shoppers are just as ready to buy them. Some people said they already have their bottled water and gasoline cans. Others haven't gotten around to getting generators or weather radios.

Colin Enellet said, "I haven't stocked up on a thing, but we will be doing it shortly. Because we don't need nothing like we had back then."

"I haven't really thought about it until you mentioned it just now," said Brian Turan. "I guess I'll just watch. When it comes into the Gulf, then I'll think about it."

Store workers agree with the emergency officials that the time to think about stocking up for hurricane season is sooner, rather than later.

"Because we will sell out and that's the unfortunate part," Cruz said "If people are going to buy, I suggest that they start buying now and stock up, because we will sell out of generators. We will sell out of batteries. And if hurricane season starts up, we don't know when we're going to get it, due to the weather."

Some people told us after Katrina that if a hurricane comes this way again, the only thing they want to get is out of the way.

"When we know it's coming in, we head out," said Don Burnett