A Symbolic Tribute To Our Nation's Flag

The United States Flag is a symbol of our nation's unity, hopes, and achievements. But for those flags that have suffered years of wear and tear, tradition says it is no longer a fitting emblem to display. That's why members of the Biloxi-Edgewater Civitan Club and some South Mississippi boy scouts came together for a Memorial Day remembrance of a different kind.

"It makes us stop and remember our flag, our country, that we are United States citizens and the flag is symbol of our country and we are proud to be Americans," says Danna Bounds, president of the Biloxi-Edgewater Civitan Club.

The civic organization teamed up with the local boy scouts for a flag retirement ceremony. Something she says is fitting as people celebrate Memorial Day.

"We appreciate so much the military men and women that have given their lives so that that flag can fly. It is that same pride that is shown on the faces of these young scouts," says Bounds.

"The American Flag symbols the country and the wonderful people that live in it. It's a symbol of honor too. When you see that flag, it just makes you think of this great nation that we live in," says Derek Van Winkle, a boy scout leader with Troop 712.

Van Winkle says, as a boy scout, it is his duty and honor to respect the national flag. He says it is what holds the country together during times of crisis.

"During Hurricane Katrina you saw all types of national resources that came to Mississippi. It was just amazing to see that the flag that we pledge allegiance to everyday in school, seeing all of its resources put together to help us down here on the Gulf Coast," says Van Winkle.

The ashes from Monday night's flag retirement ceremony will be buried at Camp Tiak near Wiggins.

This is the third flag retirement ceremony put on by the Biloxi-Edgewater Civitan Club.