Hostages Released, Standoff Ends Peacefully At Biloxi Motel

A hostage situation that started Saturday morning at the Sea Gull Motel in Biloxi ended peacefully some ten hours later. It all started when Gulfport Police discovered that a man wanted for kidnapping, rape and sexual battery was at the motel with a woman and their child. When officers arrived, police say the suspect barricaded himself inside.

Family members identified the man as 24-year-old Mike Madden. Police say the kidnapping and rape charges against him stem from an incident three weeks ago that involved the mother of his two-year-old child. That's the same woman who was held hostage inside the motel room.

Steve Patterson of the Biloxi Police Department said, "The threats that he's made is that he'll shoot anyone that comes in, he's also made threats to take his own life and the people that are in the room."

After evacuated several people from surrounding rooms, officers spend the day waiting. At 3pm the suspect allowed Gulfport Officer Windell Johnson to take his two-year-old son by placing him out a window. Paramedics took the child to the hospital to be checked out, but he appeared to be okay.

Hostage negotiators continued to talk to the man, trying to convince him to let the woman go, and give himself up. "No one's in any kind of rush to go into the room. We'd just prefer him to come out and resolve it that way," said Patterson.

Then just before 9pm, the suspect quietly surrendered to police, and the scene outside the motel quickly cleared.

People who were staying at the Sea Gull Motel were put up at other motels for the night. That was paid for by the Biloxi Police Department.