Memorial Day Means Family Fishing Trips

It turns out Memorial Day is a pretty good day to bait a hook and go fishing. As one fishermen pulled his latest catch onto the Ken Combs Pier, somebody asked him what he caught.

"I call that a sewer shark," the fisherman said.

The man who asked the question then laughed, "I call that a catfish."

Either way, it wasn't a bad catch on a choppy day along the Gulfport shoreline.

The shark Robert Rauch reeled in had a bit more bite.

"Look at its teeth," the Hattiesburg man exclaimed.

On a day when the surf was up, and fishing off the rocks was quite a challenge, Tracey King and his son Coley caught nearly two dozen mullet.

"Ain't bad for a day's fishing," the elder King said.

He lives in Long Beach. And fishing is his passion.

"Love to fish. I'd fish everyday if I could," he said, as a smile beamed across his face.

On Memorial Day, the Ken Combs pier in Gulfport was lined with families. The Rauchs drove down from Hattiesburg for relaxation.

"It's something to do. It's nice out here. Bring the family out, spend a little good time together," Rauch said.

The time Tracey King spent with his son filled a cooler with fish.

"We just enjoy it. And he's had a blast doing it," King said, pointing to his son. "That's what matters there."

Standing in the middle of the pier was Devon Reece. He had a fishing pole on either side of him, and a cell phone in his ear. He was trying to convince a friend to join him on his fishing expedition.

"Don't get too many times off. So, when the holiday came, I grabbed at the opportunity," Reece said.

Who knows. Maybe somebody walked away from the Ken Combs Pier with a Memorial Day experience that will become quite a fishing tale.