Feds Should Investigate Rising Gas Prices

Three dollars for a gallon of gasoline. A week or two ago, that was just a story we had all seen about cities in California and out east. But now, as we all know, three dollars for a gallon of gasoline is about the norm in South Mississippi.

Why are gasoline prices going up so much? It seems like each week it increases another 10 to 20 cents a gallon.

News reports say there is too much demand, not enough refineries and uncertainty around the world. But we also have seen reports that oil companies are reporting record profits. Something just doesn't add up.

We think the federal government needs to step in soon and take a look at what can be done to stop this out of control, upward spiral. If something isn't done soon, then the economy of our coast is going to be affected.

We get thousands of drive in tourists each year. With gasoline on the rise, some of these tourists might think twice about heading to the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

In addition, many of us have to drive several miles to get to work each week. A family with two vehicles is now having to pay about an extra $50 each week to pay for higher gas prices.

We know there is not a quick fix, but if prices climb much higher, it will start affecting the life styles of most all of us. Again, we believe the federal government needs to step in and find a solution to this out of control, upward spiral, before our economy is impacted anymore than it is.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV Station Manager