Coast Businesses Get A Taste Of What's In Store For Summer Tourism

Life's A Beach jet ski rental was closed last year, but it re-opened the weekend after Easter with a strong showing.  Workers say it's looks as if business will be back to and possibly better than pre-Katrina levels.

"It's a lot better than we thought it would be. Compared to years past, we've actually been doing a lot better," says James Foster, Life's A Beach.

They say much of their success is thanks to our neighbors to the west.

"Really the majority of people come from New Orleans," says Foster.

"We're from New Orleans. What brought us out here is the beaches.  We like to come here and vacation for the good beaches, the jet good skiing and the people here," says Andy Vu, Louisiana.

Coast hotels welcoming vacationers say they hope this weekend's numbers are an indication of what's in store for summer.

"We did very well this weekend. Hopefully with memorial day, this will start the beginning of the summer. Hopefully, it'll get great from this point on. We sure hope so, cause everybody's been struggling a bit with Katrina," says Karen Potter, Manager, Edgewater Inn in Biloxi.

"We want to be really supportive of the area.   We've experienced Rita and Katrina, and we want to be here to help them out," says Pam Harmon, Louisiana.

One coast hotel manager says the more attractions catering to pint-size vacationers get back online the more business she's likely to see.

"There really isn't a whole of stuff for children to do.  To get the families back, we need things that are going to be great for the kids," says Potter.

For now, coast businesses can only wait and see if people are ready to come back and see what the coast has to offer.