Church Reaches Out To Assist VA Tech Victim's Family

"Her life was an incredible legacy of what it means to be a believer in Christ," worship pastor Robby Myrick said.

20-year-old Lauren McCain's smile touched many of her peers at Virginia Tech. On April 16, 2007, that smile was stolen, but her legacy lives on.

"She was very likely to be praying for her friends next to her in class, may have very well been praying for her perpetrator. Quite an amazing thing that she would leave this would with such faith," Myrick said.

Through music and praise, Church on the Rock is giving back to Lauren's family with a love offering, because her father David gave so much to South Mississippi, just 20 months ago.

"He left his family, his home, his job. He came and camped out in our church and slept on the floor for weeks, worked on the homes in our neighborhoods," senior pastor Rodger Bradley said.

So now this community is pulling together for the McCain family, thousands of miles away.

"I would rather go through a dozen Katrina's than to have to go through what they've gone through," Bradley said.

But they're remembering that the faith Lauren possessed is what will make her memory continue to live on.

"On one hand it makes you wonder why something like this would happen to somebody like that," Bradley says.

"Just knowing that we know, that we know. And we'll be with him in Heaven," Lauren said in a video recorded just a few weeks before her death.

"On the other hand, I think it leaves very little doubt of where she is today," Bradley said.

If you missed Sunday night's concert and would like to donate to the McCain family, contact the Church on the Rock at 762-3221.

By Keli Rabon