Beach Boys Entertain Coast This Weekend

They broke onto the scene in the 1960s, and they're still going strong. Saturday night, hundreds of people rocked out to the Beach Boys, America's longest running continuous rock group. But a famous actor joined them and proved he's got skills outside of TV.

There was a full house and one if its stars at the Beau Rivage, but on this night, John Stamos shared the stage with his boyhood idols, the Beach Boys.

"When I was a kid, I got so turned on by the Beach Boys, but Mike Love lived near, his parents lived near my house, so I would drive my bike by his house, and peer in the window, and see all the gold records, and stuff, but they were always my favorite. I always dreamed of playing with them," Stamos said.

That dream became a reality about 20 years ago.

"I've always been a drummer," Stamos said. "They try to get me to sing, broadway and stuff, but I really love just playing the drums, and that's why it's so great to do this Beach Boys Show because I don't have to worry about a show. I get to do the drums. I get to sing, and they're my favorite songs in the world."

Stamos is part of the ER cast, but he's taking time out to tour with the Beach Boys this summer. The Mississippi Gulf Coast has become one of the band's favorite venues, and they've spent plenty of past Memorial Day weekends firing up the crowds here.

"It was getting annual for a while, but then they had this darn storm. It kind of held us up for a year, but now we're back. We're happy," said band member Mike Love.

"This is the greatest place to be on Memorial Day. Biloxi rocks. The Beau Rivage is over being the coolest hotel. We love playing here," band member Bruce Johnston said.