All Harley Memorial Day Blowout Is Still Going Strong

It's a weekend of racing, revving and real beauty. The 25th Anniversary 'All Harley Memorial Day Blowout' is in full swing and organizers say there's a little bit of everything 'for everybody'. "We've got drag racing, we've got everything from street legal motorcycles to top fuelers.. We've got bands Friday, Saturday and Sunday night," says Hagar, Blowout participant. "It's the kick-off of tourist season for the Mississippi Gulf Coast. It's perfect weather and we are real happy with the turnout," says Smokey, Blowout participant.

Smokey says he saw the image of bikers going downhill....that's when he decided to kick-off the bike blowout. "25 years ago we wanted to see about improving the image of the bikers because Hollywood turned us around the other way. We wanted to have fun out here and we wanted to support our community and show what kind of support we can give," says Smokey. Now people from all over the coast take part in the event.  "It's just a good gathering of people you get to see once a year. It brings everybody with a mutual interest together. They got people that come out here that don't even own motorcycles," says Hagar.

While the crowd is steady, organizers say rising gas prices may have kept a lot of people from coming out this year. But that won't keep them from doing it all over again next year.