She's 93... Has Volunteered At Keesler For Nearly 30 Years... And Still Going Strong

Volunteers at Keesler Medical Center have plenty to say when it comes to describing volunteer coordinator, Emily Shelton.

"She's perky, bouncy, energetic and wound up," says Thomas Varble,volunteer.

"Wise, Sweet, Thoughtful, and Kind," says Usa Jones, volunteer.

It's Emily Shelton in a nutshell. The navy veteran has served as Keesler's Red Cross Volunteer coordinator since 1981.

"She's older than I am, but I wouldn't dare say how old she is," says Varble.

But, Ms. Emily doesn't mind telling you.

"I'm only 93 years young," says Shelton.

While on active duty in the 50's, she found out the military was in need of volunteers. After learning she would not be assigned with her husband, Warren, who was also in the Navy, she decided she would answer the call to help and became a volunteer.

Although her volunteers say she is  class-act coordinator, they also like to poke a little fun at how Ms. Emily runs her operation.

"She's easy to work with but sometimes she's tough," says Jones.

"She runs a tight ship. I sit next to her so she always jabs me in the ribs with her elbow when I'm not doing right," says Varble.

"I have to make sure the people do they're job, that's what keeps me going," says Shelton.

"She's very dedicated because this is her life. She's so successful because she gives it everything she has," says Varble.

Her volunteers say Ms. Emily's love and support for them even reaches beyond the workplace.

"She's not only helped me a lot not, but she also helped my family," says Jones.

"We convince them that they're needed. I think that's the most important thing. We're not here just for show. We're here to work. We enjoy working and anyone you talk to says they know they like what they're doing.  I'm glad they like what they're doing," says Shelton.

Under the guidance of Ms. Emily Shelton, touching Lives and lifting spirits, as the motto on their shirts proclaim, is all in a day's work.

Additional Information:

Ms. Emily encouraged her husband Warren to volunteer, and he did so up until a month before he died. Together the two had accumulated more than 100,000 volunteer hours.

There's still a need for volunteers, you can call the Keesler Medical Center for more information.  Ms. Emily will be 94 in November.