Biloxi Police Planning To Crack Down On Highway 90

Biloxi police are cracking down on bad driving habits.

Starting Sunday, Biloxi police will carefully watch for improper lane usage. They say it's become a problem, especially on Highway 90 near Casino Row.

Police say there are a lot of accidents that could be avoided if drivers followed the basic driving rules of lane usage.

"People are using the right hand turn lane as a passing lane, and the worst area for that is going westbound to get onto I-110," Biloxi Police Lt. Mike Schauger said. "People will get in the right hand turn lane somewhere around Reynoir or Lemeuse Street and stay in that right hand turn lane and pass cars all the way up to I-110. It's a potential for a very serious accident."

Biloxi police will issue moving violation citations to drivers who use lanes improperly.