Habitat Build-A-Thon Creates New Neighborhood

They're essentially building a whole new neighborhood.

More than 500 volunteers spent the week before Memorial Day weekend turning concrete slabs into nearly finished homes

"It's been an adventure. Watching 20 houses go up is really kind of cool," said Ohio volunteer Eliza Neff.

For some, it's a cool American dream come true.

"My name is Cindy Evans and this is going to be my home," said the soon-to-be home owner, who spent the week working alongside volunteers from California to South Carolina.

"They're angels. They are truly, truly angels," says a smiling Evans.

"It's unbelievable. And to be here, to be a part of it for an entire week has been totally awesome," she said.

The work teams paused briefly Friday afternoon to celebrate the occasion. What began as a brain storming session among several Habitat leaders, led to a very successful build-a-thon that gives a significant boost to building South Mississippi post-Katrina.

Long hours from dedicated volunteers made the dream a reality. They transformed 20 slabs into nearly finished new homes.

"We did everything from raising the walls, putting the roofs on. So, we're just trying to do the finishing stuff right now," said volunteer Kyle Pepperman.

The amazing creation of the new neighborhood left future home owners overwhelmed.

"Unbelievable. Totally awesome," said Cindy Evans.

Habitat for Humanity has been busy in South Mississippi this year.  Since January, the gulf coast chapter has averaged 22 new housing starts a month.