Reverend Says Prayer Helps Him Afford Higher Gas Prices

For Rev. Richard McBride, each time he visits the pump, he knows it's time to bring the cash.

"I remember when gas prices were 50 cents a gallon. But truthfully, I never thought it would go up this high," McBride said.

Friday, he filled his tank for $3.11 a gallon. That's $.06 above the Mississippi average, but $.11 below the national price. His family is hitting the beach this holiday weekend, and McBride says his faith will help him budget.

"I believe Jesus Christ will give me the money if gas goes up to $5 a gallon. I believe Jesus Christ will supply me with all my needs," McBride said.

Climbing gas prices might not mean much to McBride, but what do the numbers mean to you? AAA says travelers will adjust their expenses by eating at cheaper restaurants and staying at less expensive hotels.

"It takes a lot to fill it up," 17-year-old Hurley resident Dustin Faggard said.

Younger drivers like Faggard say their tolerance for the high prices is about to run out. Friday, he only put $7 worth of gas in his truck.

When asked how much he was willing to pay before he really cut back, Faggard said, "It's getting pretty close. About $3.40, $3.50."

When asked what he'd do if gas reached $4 a gallon, Faggard said, "I don't know. I'd probably ride a horse or something."

And if that doesn't work? Rev. McBride has a suggestion.

"Get on your knees, say your prayers, go to church. The next time you go to the gas station, you won't have any problem getting filled up," McBride said.

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