Home Health Care Nurse Featured On Black History Month

Our Black History Month profile this Friday features a Biloxi woman who works for Quality Home Health Care. She has been there about twelve years, and we recently received a phone call from one of her patients.

To know Janice Ivy, first you have to know a little about Joe Elder. He is a talented Biloxi artist who has donated much of his work through the years. It was Joe who called to tell us about Janice.

Joe has not been able to paint since he had a stroke two years ago, and life has been hard since then, but then he met Janice Ivy.

"When she walks through that door it is just like old home week, just like family coming to see me, " says Joe.

Janice started coming to Joe's home, twice a week, about a year ago. For Janice, she knew instantly there would be a special bond between she and Joe. "I love Mr. Joe, he is so sweet, and look at those eyes."

Janice's philosophy is a simple one. Treat your patients with love, dignity and respect. She says that's how she has always seen her job. It takes a special person to work in home health care. First and foremost, it can't be a job. It has to come from the heart. For Janice, it certainly does. She says, "I had one lady who would say, here comes my sunshine, that is what I like them to remember is the smile the caring."

Janice says her joy comes from getting to know her patients, and helping them in any way she can.

She is the kind of person, who is always smiling.

"Well, I am happy, I am blessed."

Janice is a happy person because she knows, life is not about getting rich, or becoming famous, it is about doing for others, and letting them know, she really does care. Janice says, "When I open that door its about love and taking care of Mr. Joe."

That's' the philosophy she has with all her patients, and its what makes her so good at her job.

Be sure to watch next Friday for another Black History Month profile.


By Jeff Lawson