Siblings Make History At Local High School

Who has the brains of the family? It is a debate you can probably hear in many households. One South Mississippi family may find it a very difficult question to answer.

Robert and Marie Wicks share more than just the same last name. Both are graduates of Ocean Springs High School and both are valedictorians of their graduating class.

"I would probably consider myself a studier. I did have to devote some time to my studies," says Marie Wicks.

Marie is this year's Ocean Springs valedictorian. Just four years ago, her older brother Robert was standing at the podium giving his year ending speech to classmates.

"I focused my speech on Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz," says Robert.

While Robert focused on following dreams, his sister took a different approach. She says  lessons outside of the classroom are something this family says will last a lifetime.

"It doesn't matter to other people if you're at the top or not. It really matters is that you try your best and give it all you've got," says Marie.

"It takes a lot of hard. It's not just having a brain or whatever. It's a lot of work," says Robert.

Robert Wick recently graduated from Ole Miss with honors. He's now an intern for Senator Trent Lott and will attend medical school in the fall.

Marie will start Ole Miss this fall and will attend the Trent Lott Leadership Institute and honors college.