Dems Scoop Up "Barbour" Website

The website doesn't belong to Governor Haley Barbour. Instead, it was scooped up by the campaign team for his likely democratic challenger, John Arthur Eaves.

"We thought we'd have a little fun, poke him a little on this," Eaves Campaign Manager John Robinson said.

If you type the address into your browser, you get redirected to It's Eaves' campaigning home page, complete with a place for you to make an online donation."

Robinson said they got the idea back in January, when they learned someone in Barbour's camp had purchased websites like

If they were a commercial company, what the Eaves team did might be illegal. But this is considered political speech, which is highly protected under law.

"We talked about it, but look, political speech is America's most cherished form of speech. So, no, this is all in the normal course of running for office," Robinson said.

A quick check on the internet shows all kinds of similar name tricks. Neither nor have anything to do with the respective presidential candidates.

Still, angry calls and emails from Barbour supporters have been pouring into the Eaves campaign headquarters since the redirected site was set up last week.

But what's the governor's reaction? Barbour said he's not concerned.

"I'm going to try to have a record to try to get people to vote for me, not a campaign to try to get them to vote against somebody else," Barbour said.

"John Eaves thinks it's hilarious," Robinson said. "We're just having fun with Haley. And if they can't take a joke, maybe they should lighten up a little bit."

Barbour supporters looking for his real campaign website should visit