Family Honors Fallen Hero

It's been 20 years since Mississippi highway Patrol officer Bruce Ladner was shot and killed while on duty. It happened during a traffic stop on Interstate 10. Now two two decades later Ladner's family is stronger than ever.

He was a man who lost his life because of service. Service to his family, service to his friends and service to his community. Now 20 years after his death Bruce Ladners' friends and family are still celebrating the legacy he has left behind.

"He was just easy to get along with to everyone in the community. I have never heard anyone say anything bad or anything negative about him and I hope that I can live up to that and be the same way," says Damon Ladner.

Damon Ladner was only 12 years old when someone took his father's life. While the wound for the Ladner family is still fresh, they say the hardest part is not forgetting.

"You try to remember as much as you can and everyday that goes by you are scared that you are going to forget something that you are trying to hang on to," says Ladner.

Hanging on to memories is something that Bruce's friends and co-workers say he would have wanted.

"I miss the days of us riding together. It wasn't a day that we would go ten to eight and ride and go get something to eat, riding around to patrol and you miss those days," says Charlie Blackwell, a former colleague of Ladners.

Bill Magnusen also worked with Bruce Ladner.

"Police officers as a rule probably don't think about what they do all the time and it's really nice to do that and of course for this family they were really close so it's really good," sats Magnusen.

Tracey Allen Hansen was put to death for the 1987 murder of David Bruce Ladner in 2005.