Pascagoula Seniors Prepare To Take Flight

High School senior Taylor Kirksey appears to be studying, but with graduation just days away, she's got bigger things on her mind.

"I want a TV and some money, that's all I want!" Kirksey says.

There's a good chance she and other Pascagoula seniors will get those wishes at Tuesday night's Flight Night, a safe environment that offers kids prizes instead of the dangers that comes with alcohol.

"Graduation night is very, very dangerous for some people. They know that flight night is going to be a good place for people to go and be safe," Patrick Russell says.

PTO President Debra Avara has already raked in eight-thousand dollars and lots of prizes.

The best prize doesn't fit in a room.

"I wanna win a car," senior Scherbreal Thomas laughs. "Or some money, something like that!"

Thanks to donations, student will have a chance to win this car from Suncoast Auto. Right now, it's the only big ticket item. So organizers are hoping someone will step up to make a Pascagoula senior's dream come true.

"We're still looking for cash donations. The more we can get, the more we give out. It keeps the children there," Avara says.

Avara worries that lackluster gifts like office supplies and paper shredders won't do the trick.

But with help, a Pascagoula senior's last night to be a kid could get just a little bit sweeter.

"Some people won't get graduation presents. This is a way for the community to show we're glad you went 13 years to school and actually graduated, because it's a big step," Kirksey says.

And your donation to Flight Night could be just what a senior needs, before spreading their wings.

If you'd like to help with any gifts or donations or want to volunteer as a chaperone on Tuesday night, call Debra Avara at 218-4880, or the Pascagoula School District at 938-6449.