Grandmother Urges Minorities To Consider Marrow Donation

A coast woman says more African-Americans should take the opportunity to help save lives, including the life of her young grandson.

Friday, Veronica Mulazeem helped the Mississippi Marrow Donor Program register potential donors at Edgewater Mall.

Mulazeem's 3-year-old grandson Jerome has leukemia and needs a bone marrow transplant. She says his chances of survival are better if an African-American donor match is found.

According to the Mississippi Marrow Donor Program, six million Americans registered, but of those, only 480,000 are African-American.

"We need to come out as much as we can and join the registry. We can save our own kids' lives. You never know when it could be your family member that might need it and you might have to go through this. So I just encourage all minorities, not just African-Americans, but minorities to join the registry," Veronica Mulazeem said.

The Mississippi Marrow Donor Program will have another drive on Monday at Hattiesburg Clinic from 10am-2pm.