The First Cars Roll Across The New Bay St. Louis Bridge

Pass Christian to the east and Bay St. Louis to the west are finally reunited.

Instead of a ribbon cutting ceremony, the new Bay St. Louis bridge re-opened with a ribbon tying ceremony. Hurricane Hunter C 1-30 planes flew overhead during the ceremony.  A wreath was also thrown over the bridge to honor those who died during Katrina.

Once open, a convoy of antique beauties came cruising in to christen the new bridge. As the parade ended and traffic started rolling through, Liz St. Paul and her family waited an hour to be the first in line to cross the bridge from Pass Christian.

"It was awesome, the kids honked the horn and cheered and waved at everybody. It was great," Paul said.

"It just such a historic day that the kids will remember for the rest of their lives," Jennifer Schmidt said.

"It's a big thing to overcome from the storm. Everybody's very excited and very emotional," said Louie Ladner of North Hancock County.

"I live right over here and watched the bridge crumble during the hurricane.  I was out here making phone calls in front of Stanislaus to let my family know I was alive.  Everything's been a hallmark and this has been one of the biggest, one of the biggest," said Joy Mehrtens of Bay St. Louis.

One of the biggest surprises to many is how long it took to the bridge to re-open.

"I'm really amazed at the speed at which they did this bridge," Ladner said.

Many of those who came out Thursday said they were glad the gap between the two cities Katrina is again connected.