Rising Gas Prices Force South Mississippians To Carpool

Gas prices hit a record high this week. According to AAA, the average price of gasoline in the United States is now $3.11/gallon.

"I think the gas prices have skyrocket kind of fast, and they are high, very high."

Julio Rivera is not alone in his thoughts, many motorists say they are fed up with the financial pain that comes along with filling up their gas tanks.

"It's ridiculous. It is going up 10 cents every three weeks," Saucier resident Michael Ross said.

So to save a little cash on gas, Julio Rivera and Michael Ross decided to start a carpool.

The men and two other buddies meet at the Park and Ride in Ocean Springs, load up in one van, and drive to work in Alabama.

"Riding by myself, it would be about $30 a day. Riding with them, we split it, like $6 a piece," Ross said.

"You are saving money, and you do not have to service your vehicle every two weeks," Rivera said.

With the price of gas now surpassing the $3 mark in some places, several South Mississippians say they plan on carpooling for a long time.

"Doing something good for the environment, saving a couple of dollars and helping some other people out also. It is a team effort," Ocean Springs resident Mike Catchings said.

Catchings says that team effort has paid off since he started driving to Northrop Grumman with his coworker.

"Maybe, I save about $20 a week."

With the summer quickly approaching, some people speculate that gas prices will rise to $4 a gallon. But commuters say, hopefully, the numbers will drop soon, giving some needed relief to South Mississippi drivers.

Remember, you can save on gas simply by maintaining your tire pressure, observing the speed limits, and removing excessive weight from your car.