String Of Convenience Stores Robbed Across Coast

Surveillance video taken from a camera inside one of the convenience stores shows the robber pushing the clerk out of the way and then taking money from the register. Investigators say all of the stores that were robbed had video cameras. Even more important, the stores' equipment was up-to-date and good quality.

"In these cases, we were really fortunate to have good video surveillance and that did help solve the crime," Gulfport Police Detective Pat Pope said.

The first robbery happened shortly after midnight at the Amoco Station on Pass Road in east Gulfport. At about 1:30, the Circle K on Rodenburg was hit. And then at three, the Exxon station was robbed. Then, police say Ramsey went back to the Amoco Station and robbed it again. Finally, they say he hit the Phillips 66 station on Courthouse Road.

Police say after that, he ran north and stole a car. Gulfport Police Chief Wayne Payne spotted that car a short time later outside the Johnson & Johnson Motel in Gulfport.

Police say Ramsey is a drug addict and has a long criminal record.

"He was driven to commit these robberies by his craving for crack cocaine and he had to be able to purchase it," Pope said.

It was business as usual at Exxon just a few hours after the robbery. The manager says she was relieved that no one was hurt, and that someone has been arrested.

"It's difficult to find the right people to work this kind of business because most people are frightened of being robbed or being accosted or whatever while they're up here at night," Exxon Manager Debbie Waites said.

"That's a very dangerous job," Pope said. "You got people out there basically for minimum wage sticking their neck out and we need to do whatever we can to help them stay safe."

There was an attempted armed robbery Tuesday night in Long Beach. Police say a man tried to rob a woman at the K-Mart Parking lot. Investigators do not believe that case is related to the convenience store robberies. No one has been arrested in that case.