Affordable Housing Comes To D'Iberville

Affordable housing is coming to the City of D'Iberville. Tuesday night, council members gave the final approval for a complex just off of Automall Parkway and some residents can't wait to pack up and move in.

Cindy Feranda says the city of D'Iberville has several apartment communites but none that fall into the affordable housing category. The single mother and city worker says that's just not helping.

"There is just no way I can afford to buy another home right now," says Feranda.

Hurricane Katrina forced the young mother to live in conditions that ordinarily she wouldn't have chosen for her family. That's why she's looking forward to a new development coming to the City of D'Iberville.

"A lot of our other apartments came in saying that they were going to be affordable but once they started building they can't be affordable and this is going to be affordable. D'Iberville definitely needs it. Every city on the coast needs it," Feranda said.

"When Real-Tex development came to us several months ago and told us that they were looking at an affordable housing project in the City of D'Iberville," says Richard Rose, D'Iberville City Manager.

The 93 unit apartment complex will be built in a currently wooded area, but that isn't stopping residents from issuing their concerns about drainage problems and heavy traffic. Rose says that Real-Tex knows about the problems and will address them before construction begins.

"We told Real-Tex and they had to spend some money to make those transportation corrections. And they've agreed to do that and they will pay for that 100 percent," says Rose.

So now that the city has given its stamp of approval, Cindy Feranda says she's looking forward to what may be her new home.

City Manager Richard Rose says Real-Tex just has to pay city fees, pick up their building permit and then they can begin construction. There is no word on when the apartment complex is expected to be complete.