St. Martin Boy Scouts Working To Restore Old Meeting Place

They're sweeping up debris and tossing out trash.  St. Martin Boy Scout Troop 229 is determined to clean up the mess Katrina left behind to get back into their old meeting building.

"We've been bouncing back and forth to different areas. We spent some time in one of my leaders' back yard in a tent. It's been really hard," says Scout Master James Short.

For now, the troop meets in the Martin Lake clubhouse. But the boys say with all the room inside and outside of their old building, they want to come back to the place where they felt they could just be themselves.

"In here, we can be really loud and we don't have to stay in one spot," says Senior Patrol Leader Scooter Freeman.

"They're looking forward to getting back here as much as I am. We're all waiting to get back, because this is where we all pretty much grew up," says Assistant Scout Leader Michael Chatagnier.

They share the space with the St. Martin Lion's Club. The club put doors back up for the troops and got their electricity back on.  The troop has also received some help from outside the state.

"We had a troop from Florida, Troop 301, that donated almost $2,000 to help us buy supplies and get this building back together," says Short.

The scout master says there's was one thing they're going to need a lot more of to get back into their building.

"Labor," says Short.

Sheet rock and paint are also much needed items. And getting back into their building is one thing Short says will soon become a reality for Troop 229.

"Yes, one day I'm going get ya'll back in here and it's coming soon. It's coming soon."

If you would like to help the troop get the materials they need to get back into their building, you can can send an e-mail to