Mardi Gras Safety Tips (Old-Do not use in Mardi Gras '04 category)

Mardi Gras Safety Tips

-Protect yourself and your family from the weather. Dress in layers so that you can change with the weather. Bring rains coats; umbrellas can be dangerous in a crowd. Keep an eye on small children; they can suffer from exposure quicker than adults.

-Bring plenty of healthy snacks and water. Moon pies and soft drinks can really windup kids that may not need it. Drink plenty of water even if there is a long line to the porta-potty.

-Avoid using glass containers. They are outlawed in many areas and can be dangerous in large crowds.

-Don't cross parade barriers. Floats are great to look at but can be dangerous if approached while they are moving. Don't run between moving floats.

-Don't allow kids to dart into the street for throws. There is not a string of beads out there that's worth loosing fingers over. Reward children's good behavior with a trip to the Mardi Gras store and let them have their pick of beads.

-Closely monitor kids that may be on elevated platforms or ladders. Keep a close eye on those at ground level too. Large crowds can easily suck up a small child.

-Use alcoholic beverages responsibly and within the law.

-Avoid areas that have a reputation for rowdiness. Be courteous. Avoid confrontations.

-If you have a medical emergency call 911 or contact the nearest law enforcement officer. Be able to give you location by using a distinguishable or major landmark.