Research Scientists Meet In Biloxi

It was all about team-building and collaboration when two research science groups met in Biloxi Wednesday. The first conference between the Northern Gulf Institute and NOAA was held at Beau Rivage.

NGI is made up of five universities, and awards grant money to conduct research on environmental issues that affect the Northern Gulf of Mexico region.

Researchers with the NOAA are working with NGI to make up a cooperative institute. The group's goal is not only to gain knowledge through research, but also to educate the public about the marine environment.

"There's an education outreach for each and every one of our projects. We look at what can be done to educate the public on the findings that we have. There's a very strong education outreach component to it," NOAA's Michael Uhart said.

NGI's director they plan to have more workshops open to the public throughout the year. The group is led by Mississippi State University.