Biloxi Dog Owner Wants City To Enforce Leash Law

A Biloxi man wants the city to do a better job of enforcing its leash law.

In the city, all dog owners are required to have their dog on a leash if its out of their own yard. The problem is, a lot of people violate the law.

Kevin Buford of Biloxi learned that lesson the hard way. Late last month, Buford was at Hiller Park with his Golden Retriever Charlie, when suddenly he saw two pit bulls charging towards him. Buford was shocked.

"One of them grabbed ahold of my dog's side and pretty much just clamped on like you would expect a pit bull to do," Buford said.

The attack lasted about 30 seconds before the pit bulls owner could pull them off. Charlie ended up with a severe laceration.

According to Buford, the pit bulls were on a leash, but their owner had let them run loose. As bad as the attack was, Buford knows it could have been far worse.

"There could have been a child, and the pit bull could have gone for the child instead of a dog."

Buford reported the attack to Biloxi Animal control. Animal control officer Richard Smith says there are a lot of leash law violations, and its hard to enforce when there are only two animal control officers in the entire city.

As for Kevin Buford, he says Charlie has a number of stitches, but will survive. Buford says he does not blame the dogs for the attack, he does blame the owners who don't keep their dogs on a leash.