100 Homes/100 Days Project Reaches Midpoint

The sound of hammers, drills, and, saws could be heard in Pascagoula as the countdown continues to build 100 homes in 100 days. Five non-profit groups created the challenging project to help rebuild and repair neighborhoods destroyed by Katrina.

Since the building marathon kicked off back in March, Mississippi Home Again Founder Tammy Agard says dozens of Pascagoula homes have been made over in record time.

"Sixty-six percent of the homes we have done construction on have been completed," Agard said.

Melvin Patton is a great example of the project's success. His house on School Street was a terrible shape after Katrina, but not anymore.

"They repaired the windows, a new paint job, new sheetrock. They redid the cabinets, they redid both bathrooms, so they did a wonderful job," Patton said.

What makes the program so successful are the volunteers. So far, more than 600 people from 30 states have traveled to Pascagoula to help residents get back in their homes.

"Everyone down here, including my own life, has been touched by the volunteer effort. We can not say enough," Agard said.

Louisiana Native Megan Lecompte has dedicated a month of her time to moving debris, painting, and even doing a bit of siding work.

"If we do not come down here and help them out, then who knows how long it will take. Twenty years?," Lecompte said.

Those years have been cut into days thanks to the 100 Homes/100 Hundred Days Project.

Project coordinators say they are adding an evening shift and still need volunteers. The work hours will be from 5-9pm each night starting Memorial Day. If you'd like to help, just visit OperationTLC.org.

July 4th is the deadline to complete the homes.