255th Air Squadron Helps Habitat For Humanity

Members of the 255th Air Control Squadron started their summer training a little different this year. Instead of getting technical, the men and women got their hands a little dirty.

Fifty-seven members of South Mississippi's 255th Air Control Squadron spent their Monday volunteering with Habitat for Humanity.

"There's plenty of work for anybody that wants to volunteer to come out here," says Lieutenant Colonel Lance Hester.

Hester says these men and women spent the day loading and unloading lumber and preparing foundation. It's prep work that will put ten families a step closer to moving into their new homes.

"A lot are back to where they were back to normal but there are still a lot of people out there living in FEMA trailers that don't have anywhere to live and that's what Habitat for Humanity is all about," says Hester.

While the members of the air national guard were only on the site for one day, Colonel Hester says they've already been told it's a job well done.

"I was talking to one of the foreman earlier and they said with their normal crew, it takes a complete day to load one of the storage units and by the time we leave today we would have done eight. So basically we've done a weeks worth of work," Hester said.

It's labor that Major Morgan Barnes says is well worth it.

"Just to be able to give back some to a community that was so devastated by such a terrible event, it just makes you feel good inside to be able to help out and give back some to a community," says Barnes.

"Our job in the military is pretty technical, the high end technical satellite communications and radar type stuff. This gives everybody a good opportunity to get out and actually do some physical labor," says Hester.

They say they don't mind getting their hands dirty, for a worthy cause.

Members of the 255th Air Control Squadron will begin their summer training Tuesday. Habitat for Humanity will begin the "Blitz Build" along 45th Avenue next week.