Bomb Threat Generates Rumors At Moss Point High School

"I heard it was a bomb threat when I was walking to the field house. I was also was told someone got shot," 11th grader Jerald Jackson says.

"When we got out here to the field house, a lot of people thought it was a shooting going on," 11th grader Garrad Washington says.

Hallway rumors hit the streets Monday afternoon in Moss Point, as police investigated a bomb threat inside Moss Point High School.

"I was just kind of concerned. I was just scared somebody was getting hurt," 11th grader Bernard Steward says.

There was no bomb found, and no students were hurt. But that didn't stop rumors throughout the city, when word of a real shooting miles away, reached worried parents.  Just last week, a similar incident left George County High in an uproar. Rumors fueled panic and caused some parents to remove their children from school.

Students at Moss Point High are not allowed to have cell phones. So when they were evacuated to the stadiums and roads were closed around the school, they had no way of calling home. That's when parents began to talk.

"We had parents that came up. They really weren't sure what happened. They just heard a rumor basically. I had to reassure them that no there was not a shooting at the school," Moss Point School District Communications Director Myya Robinson says.

The Moss Point School District doesn't have a system for communicating with parents, instead they're using one-on-one contact to send the message.

"Sometimes one-on-one is the best you can do when you're faced with a situation like that," Robinson says.

Robinson says that the shootings at Virginia Tech still have parents on edge.

"We are in a small community. News travels fast as we know. And I think on the forefront of a lot of people's minds, and will be for a long time, is what happened in Virginia," Robinson says.

Moss Point Police are still investigating the bomb threat. So far, they've determined the call was placed from a pay phone. As for the shooting, police are currently following leads and say they are very close to making arrests.