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Neighborhood Grocery Reopens In Escatawpa

Manager Terry Patrick says August 29th, 2005 was a destructive day for Escatawpa and for his Piggly Wiggly Store.

"We threw everything out and started from scratch. It was a total wipe out," Patrick said.

And Patrick says waiting almost two years to reopen the store has been almost just as tough.

"The center is tied up in a trust, and that presented some extra problems, and we have hopefully worked through those now."

In just a month, the small town store will be full of shoppers again, but one thing is still missing - workers.

"Some had to move on, they could not hold out this long to come back to work," Patrick said.

With more than 40 positions open in deli, produce, meat, and grocery, Jackson County residents will not just be getting their hometown grocery store back, several are hoping to land a job.

When Cole Lillis and Barbara Sims heard that Piggly Wiggly was hiring, they jumped at the chance to work.

"It's a great opportunity for our community to have revenue. And it is more people to put to work because a lot of people like me were out of work," Escatawpa resident Barbara Sims said.

"Ya know it's a job," Lucedale resident Cole Lillis said.

And both are pretty confident they will be hired.

"I think I will probably be selected to be a meat cutter," Lillis said.

"I live five minutes away from here, so it's very convenient," Sims said.

And that convenience has made this small business a big part of the Escatawpa community for 31 years.

The store will hold another job fair on Tuesday, from 10am-2pm.

By Patrice Clark

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