A New South Mississippi Mom Celebrates Mother's Day

The entire family agrees, she couldn't have come on a better day. Her name is Elizabeth Hinojosa.  The nearly eight-pound-baby girl arrived just days ago and already her mother is looking forward to the future.

"I can't wait until she gets a little older, and she starts saying mommy. I think that's when it will hit me.  It's like I'm a mom," says Olivia Hinojosa.

Elizabeth is Andrew and Olivia's first child.  While they may be new parents, the proud father says his big family gave him plenty of training.

"I had to burp them and feed them and bath them and put them to sleep, so I know what to do," says Andrew Hinojosa.

Elizabeth is also the first grandchild, and on this special day, the entire family is celebrating a new beginning.

"This is great. It's a blessing that she had her before mother's day, and that she can celebrate her first mother's day with her first baby. It's hard to put into words to say how precious they are. And how happy you are that everyone is happy and healthy and will be going home soon," says Teresa Hamilton, Elizabeth' grandmother.

The entire family was able to spend the rest of the Mother's Day Holiday at home.