Preparing Families And Their Loved Ones In Senior Homes For Hurricane Season

The families of seniors at The Gardens Personal Care Home may now rest a little easier when they have to evacuate their loved ones during hurricane season. Ocean Springs high school students showed families how to better prepare themselves and their seniors with a 72 hour disaster kit.

"We picked up and moved to a neighbor's house, and we brought nothing. So, I'm sure they'd be very happy to have this kit. It's a great reminder of what I will do.  I will use this kit for my aunt and go and pack a much larger one for the rest of the family," says Linda Bradford, Family Member of a resident.

The students' professor Dr. Judy Dalgo received a Learn and Serve grant through the Mississippi Department of Education to pay for the disaster kits, first aid and CPR training for seniors, the disabled and kids.

"In the kit, we have some toilet paper and some raisins. We just want to remind people to pack snacks.  This is not the time to go on a low calorie diet.  We want some high calorie food," says Dalgo.

A Hypo-thermia blanket, gloves, a weather Radio, a landline phone are also just a few of the many items recommended.  Dalgo also says water, duct tape and flashlights with extra batteries and matches are a must.

"We also have a whistle in the kit because during the storm it's important for people to be able to identify where people are," says Dalgo.

The students also walked away thinking about what they need to do to be better prepared.

"I'm gonna make my own kit when I get home, so I'll be ready," says Sarah Malone, student.

Being ready, the lesson everyone seemed to take home as another hurricane season approaches.

Next Tuesday, the group will hand out more kits to the disabled and elderly people in the community at the YMCA in Oceans Springs. They'll also hand out disaster response back-packs to kids at the YMCA next week.