Man Buys TV Ad And Offers Reward For Lost Dog's Return

WLOX is currently running a commercial that could potentially help reunite a family in Ocean Springs. The ad seeks information on the whereabouts of a pet dog, missing for almost two weeks now. The owners are sparing no expense for the safe return of "Skipper."

"He just vanished," says Carr. "I was gone one hour and he was gone."

The 9-month-old Boston Bull Terrier had the run of Carr's large retail property, never ventured far and wasn't easy for strangers to catch. But that's what Charles suspects happened.

"We sure would love to have him back."

Along with the TV spot, he's running newspaper ads, and offering a $2000 reward for Skipper's return.

"It'll be no questions asked," says Carr. "It'll be 20, $100 bills in his hand with a band and that's it."

It's a significant financial out lay for the return of a dog, but Charles says Skipper was family.

"More than that," says Carr. "He sleeps with you. He kicks you around in bed. He sleeps on your pillow and shoves you off."

Charles says there's no price for that kind of love.

"I'd rather have a hole in my pocket than a hole in my heart."

In his search for Skipper, Charles' pain was eased by the discovery of another bull terrier at the local pound. He and his wife are nursing the abandoned and neglected dog back to good health, and they've renamed him "Chief."

"He's got a home for the rest of his life," says Carr. "He'll never have to worry about that."

But Chief is not a replacement. For the Carrs, no dog can replace their Skipper.

"He could understand what we were talking. Like my wife says, he knew more that we did about it. He understood her better than I did."

"We'd love to have him back. Money doesn't mean anything for that."

If you have any information about Skipper, call the Carrs at one of the following numbers:

(228) 875-6996
(228) 875-6997 
(228) 875-3830