Woman Searches for Justice for Her Convicted Son

Prosecutors say Antwine Graves shot Marlin Bland during a fight outside the Blue Note Lounge on Main Street in Biloxi. But Graves' mother says other people have told her a different story.  Azline Kemp says "Every witness said that this young gentleman kept pushin' my child, kept, and my child walked away. My son said 'bout the same thing."  But that's not what two prosecution witnesses said, one of them being the victim's brother. They testified they saw Graves shoot Bland, and the defense witnesses couldn't dispute that. But Graves' mother says she doesn't believe the victim's brother was telling the truth. "He was not even out there. He ran out there once he heard. Someone came to him and told him that your brother have been shot."

Graves testified that he didn't kill Bland, that a man named Sean Johnson did. Johnson was indicted in the case, charged with accessory after the fact to murder. He is still awaiting trial.

Graves' mother says her son once served five years for armed robbery, but he is no killer. "Antwine might have got in trouble but Antwine was beginning to change his life. Unfortunately things happen. I feel bad for the victim and we all as family in pain. This is my child that I may not ever see again but I will see him because as long as God give me breath I will keep fightin' this case." Kemp says that means doing whatever she has to to clear her son's name. She says she will talk to the Reverends Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson about helping to clear her son's name.

District Attorney Cono Caranna says the jury heard all the evidence and the state met its burden to convict Graves.  Defense Attorney Albert Necaise says he will file a motion for a new trial for Graves. He says if that is denied he will appeal the conviction.