State Treasurer Sees A Bright Future For South Mississippi

Mississippi Treasurer Tate Reeves admits Katrina's landfall created a financial burden for the coast. Two years later, he says state's economy is making a remarkable rebound.

"We have more than 35,000 people working in our state today than we had in 2004," Reeves said.

Reeves shared that information as a gauge for the financial future of the coast. He told Rotary Club members tax incentive plans like the Go Zone will attract business to the area, as well as people and good paying jobs.

"We have to create jobs, but just not any jobs, jobs that have wages much higher than Mississippi rates right now. And the coast is going to be a leader in that area."

Reeves says he also wants to see more affordable, permanent housing offered, and insurance rates that don't break everyone's budgets.

"Clearly you can not provide the workforce in this area without affordable housing. "

Solving those issues, like rebuilding the coast, won't happen over night. But Reeves believes Mississippi's financial picture is poised to make it happen.

"Unfortunately, the time frame is taking more than what we like, but we have to continue pushing forward, and we are committed to doing that."