Five Teachers Honored With Leo Seal Awards

Dr. Judy Dalgo handed out the latest assignment to her Allied Health students: Create disaster kits and information posters to help children, the elderly, and the disabled prepare for the upcoming hurricane season.

"We'll need to include things about medications, because a lot of the seniors will be on meds," Dalgo said.

Dalgo always had the passion to help others.

"I decided as a three-year-old to become a nurse," Dalgo said. "I used to rescue birds out of their nests and put them into pup tents to try to save them."

Now, as a registered nurse and teacher at the Elizabeth Keys Technology Center, Dalgo is using her expertise to encourage Ocean Springs High School students to enter the health field.  And she's always looking for creative techniques to spark her students' interest.

Her commitment to academic excellence has not gone unnoticed. On Wednesday, Dalgo was one of five teachers who were honored with the Leo Seal Teacher Recognition award. Each teacher received a $1,000 grant, a gift card for school supplies, and a hand-crafted pewter apple.

Dr. Dalgo will use her award money to purchase something you see a lot of teens carrying around these days - I-Pods. But her students won't be using the popular technology to listen to music.

"We're going to be doing pod casting in the classroom," Dalgo said. "The other students in the high school will be able to download their pod casts from their computer, and listen to it on their I-Pods, just like they're listening to music now. I can also record my lectures, so the students can play those back at anytime."

Eventually, Dalgo will buy 50 I-Pods and software for her class. She hopes using innovative teaching tools will make learning fun, and maybe inspire more teens to pursue health-related careers and care about their community.