Business Is Booming In A Post-Strike Pascagoula

Welder Benny Walley is a regular at Jerry Lee's in Pascagoula.

"You have to have your everyday nourishment to work on the job," Northrop Grumman Worker Benny Walley said.

But during the weeks Walley and other Northrop Grumman workers were on strike, they didn't have much to spend here or anywhere else.

"For us it seemed like a lifetime, and I know it did for them," Jerry Lee's Store Manger Cathy Sigalas said.

Now, Ingalls employees are back at the shipyard, with a little more money in their pockets.

"We see a little bit of increase in our checks, and now we are back to our routine of putting our clothes in the cleaners, or just going to the barbershop and getting our hair cut," Walley said.

The owners of Bozo's Seafood say they could not be happier to see the craftsman line up for lunch, ready to enjoy crawfish, po-boys and burgers.

"I see smiles on their faces, and they are glad to spend their money," Bozo's Owner Agnes Delcambre said.

Restaurant worker Anton Kihyet says the strike cut business by 50 percent. Seeing that only reinforced how important Ingalls and its workers are to everyone in Jackson County.

"Without Ingalls, this town would be a ghost town. Just about every business needs Ingalls," Bozo's Seafood worker Anton Kihyet said.