Gulfport Tire Dump Clean-Up Now Underway

The long awaited clean-up of a massive tire dump in Gulfport began Monday. The former home of Gulfport Tire Recycling is just off Highway 49.

It has taken several years of complaints, a two day trial in city court and the recent sale of tires and tire shredding equipment. But the good news is the massive effort to remove nearly a quarter million tires is now underway.

Mac's Tire Recyclers began removing the first truck loads of tires Monday morning. Some of the tires will go to a recycling site in Mobile, while most will be trucked to a recycling center near Tupelo.

You'll recall Earl Brown is the man who got in trouble for the tires. He was found guilty in city court in March for city code violations and given six months to clean-up the site.