New Restaurants Show Business Owners Are Not Afraid Of Recession

Construction is right on schedule for the new Italian restaurant off Highway 63 in Moss Point.

"We want to offer a restaurant facility that is for both children and adults with wide variety of food," property owner Steve Abdo said.

Work began on the 10,000-squre-foot restaurant in the middle of the nation's current recession. Abdo said good business opportunities still exist during slow economic times.

"We believe this is the best time to build," Abdo said. "There is a lot of need and demand."

That's the same thinking behind a new Chinese restaurant in Pascagoula.

"I think we are going to be pulling out of the slump we have seen generally from last year," real estate agent Mark Cumbest said.

The new owners of the Chinese Restaurant are completely remodeling the old Shoney's. Cumbest was able to find a buyer during this recession, and said low interest rates are making investments like this possible.

"Right now, at least the interest rates are low," Cumbest said. "Money can be gotten for a lot lower than in past years."

"That helped up a lot," Abdo said. "Of course interest rates play big barring on your finances when you want to go ahead and invest in a project of this caliber."

Both restaurants are scheduled to open in mid march, and both owners believe the county economy will be there to support them. Another new restaurant also opened in Gautier just before the new year.

Comrade's restaurant in Singing River Mall opened in December, filling in a space that had been vacant for more than 15 years.

By Ken Flanagan