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Renaissance Festival Gives Visitors A Chance To Turn Back Time

   It's a chance to take a trip back thousands of years, to a time that was the height of creativity, art, and expression. Keli Rabon tonight takes us to Renaissance Festival in Ocean Springs for a glimpse at the food, fashion, and fighting.

   With a sprinkle of her magic dust, this fairy godmother is turning back time, to the tune of 5 centuries.

  "We have wishes for boys as well as girls, and grownups as well as children. And everyone can feel the magic when they come into our fairy garden," the fairy godmother says.

  The Sixth Annual Ocean Springs Renaissance Faire is as magical as it is informative.

  "The renaissance period is a very eclectic period in time, a very intelligent and illuminating period, and an educational period," St. John's Episcopal Church member Sonia Cowart says.

  From learning historic ways to cook, to seeing metal shaped and fired, Sonia Cowart says the Renaissance has a little something for everyone, especially people who are interested in the real action.

  "The boys especially like the jousters and the swords and the sword fighting. And the girls are completely absorbed in the fairy garden," Cowart says.

   The costumes are eccentric but the chance to put learning into motion makes this an event worth remembering.

   "Our children are educated by sitting in a classroom. Here, they're actually part of the activity, they're participating in it. I see the kids see things here that they wouldn't see anywhere else, and they wouldn't even see in a museum," Cowart says.    

  That's a lesson that transcends any amount of time.

   St. John's Episcopal Church raised about 15-thousand dollars from this weekend's event. They'll be donating that money to several local charities in Jackson County.

By Keli Rabon


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