Teachers Learn To Add Arts To Curriculum

Coast teachers learned Saturday how to integrate art and music into their curriculums. The Mississippi Alliance for Arts Education held a workshop in Gulfport.

Participants learned first hand how to teach students using dance, music, theatre and visual arts. Experts say students learn better when they're taught this way. The Alliance for Arts Education holds workshops for teachers all over the state. This is the first workshop of this kind on the coast.

"We just try to give teachers techniques, inspiration, encouragement, that yes, they too can think out of the box and do some of these things in their classroom even though they're not a dance teacher or a theatre teacher, music or art teacher," Alliance President Kathryn Lewis said.

The group will hold other workshops around the state and has other information for teachers. The Mississippi Alliance for Arts Education can be reached at (601) 268-6996 or (601) 266-4370. You can also check out their web site.