Humane Society Leaders Urge Pet Owners to Get Microchips for Pets

Hurricane season is less than a month away and while many people are preparing to protect their homes, some are also preparing to protect their pets.

"We had folks lined up here at 7:15 this morning, waiting to get their animals in, so we're very pleased with the turnout we've had so far," says Dawn Simpson, Clinic Operations Manager for the Humane Society of South Mississippi.

Throughout the day, people waited patiently to get microchips for their pets at a reduced rate. Humane Society leaders say this is one of the best investments a pet owner can make.

"Microchips are great. One in four animals will get lost, and to help ensure that they find their way home. They get registered in a national database. If they ever end up missing or at a shelter or animal care facility, they can be scanned, and we can look them up in the computer and locate their owner, so it's a great thing to have," Simpson says.

After Katrina's winds and waters subsided, thousands of South Mississippians searched for their pets. Humane Society leaders say pets with microchips stood a much better chance of being reunited with their owners.

"As we come into hurricane season, it's very important to look at getting your animals microchipped. After Katrina, we had so many animals lost, and if we have another hurricane this year, it's going to help dramatically for us to help find the owners of those animals," Simpson says.

As you prepare for the upcoming season, it's not to late to get a microchip for your pet if you missed the clinic.

"You can come down here and get microchips from the Humane Society, during all of our open hours," Simpson says.