Bacot/McCarty Foundation Helps Jackson County Youth

Director Tommy Fortenberry and young men from the Accendo Boys Home have all benefited from the Bacot/McCarty Foundation's generosity.

"They put their money where their mouth is," Fortenberry said.

After Katrina, the non-profit organization handed over a check for almost $30,000 to rebuild the Christian home for at-risk teens.

"They helped us build a media center. They rebuilt classrooms after the hurricane. We put in a swimming pool, and they helped us build a deck."

That financial assistance has helped the young people stay off the streets and away from violence.

"I have not touched a drug, and do not plan on it," Accendo member Alex Humphrey said.

"I thank God I got a chance to come here. I would be dead or locked up," Accendo member Jeremy Guzman said.

Bacot/McCarty Foundation Director Todd Trenchard says in 2006, more than $1 million was poured into the community. He hopes to see the foundation donate even more this year.

"We are just a local group trying to meet local needs," Trenchard said.

Now the foundation volunteers are preparing to raise more money through an auction Friday evening, and a golf tournament Saturday in Gautier.

Trenchard says every penny will go to building a youth center for kids and teens to hang out.

"The youth are the future of the community," Trenchard said.

A future that is looking brighter thanks to giving people from the Bacot/McCarty Foundation.

If you would like more information on the foundation, click here, or call Todd Trenchard at (228) 217-5791.