Famous Designer "Makes Over" Pass Homes

Famed interior design and home furnishings expert Chris Madden puts the finishing touches on the Pass Christian home of 78-year-old Thelma Piernas. Just a week ago, the newly restored home was bare of almost any furnishings. Now, it's completely outfitted in the finest fashions from the JC Penny Home Collection.

"I have all the samples of the furniture, all the pieces I make for JC Penny in a warehouse," says Madden. "I get an sample of everything I design. So we decided, you know what, lets bring it down."

They found Ms. Thelma through Weezie Peneguy, a marketing assistant with Madden's company, and a Pass Christian native.

"I like that," says Piernas, pointing to her new centerpiece. "Yeah, it's really pretty."

That's a refrain Ms. Thelma and her friends and family would repeat over and over.

"I love it," says Piernas. "I mean there's nothing that I don't like."

Madden's good dead and good taste also made an admirer of Pass Christian Mayor Chipper McDermont.

"This is very important," Mc Dermont told Madden.

Madden decorated two homes on this trip and wants to do more.

"We might be coming down again," Madden said.

But she is sure that she'll take South Mississippi's story of recovery back to the Big Apple.

"There is still so much devastation, so much that needs to be done that I feel I've got to spread it up North, up in New York, and let the rest of the country know about it."