Moss Point Students Learn About Future Careers

Rico McBride wants to go to college and get a good job, but he is just not sure which one he wants to pursue first.

"I want to be successful in everything I do.  I do not want to do nothing wrong," McBride said.

Samej Wansley has made his immediate choice. He's college bound.

"I am trying to maintain good grades, and go after scholarships," Wansley said.

Hundreds of other students who walk the halls of the Moss Point Vocational Center are weighing their futures, and looking for guidance.

"We are presenting opportunities to them so they can be successful in life, " Organizer Bernice Johnson said.

Rico McBride says the key to success is education and money, two things he believes are available at Northrop Grumman Ship Systems. Right now the company is short more than 600 workers, so recruiters were ready to sign up those students interested in working with their hands.

"That's what they are looking for, kids out of high school willing to work and learn different crafts," Northrop Grumman worker Tommy Cauthen Jr. said.

Wansley and many others flocked to the USM table to hear what the University had to offer.

"If you get a degree, you get jobs. I think college is important for everyone. The best thing about starting them so early is we start getting scholarships ready. If they take that ACT early, then the higher the ACT score they have the more the money," USM representative Kathryn Bush said.

Armed with that vital information, McBride and Wansely say they are more informed on what the real world has to offer.

Beginning next school year, Northrop Grumman will start an Apprenticeship Program to train seniors at Moss Point's Vocational Center.

More than 20 businesses and colleges were represented at Thursday's career fair In Moss Point.