Soap Cast & Crew Make Biloxi Woman Feel Like A Star

They may be famous television actors, but on Tuesday cast members from the soap opera Guiding Light made a Biloxi woman feel like a star. Gerda Broy's Porter Avenue home was one of three houses adopted by the show's cast and crew through its "Find Your Light" program.

Planting flowers. Sweeping floors. Cleaning windows. It's not what most people think of when they envision the life of a television star.

Bradley Cole who plays Jeffrey O'Neal said, "Some of us are not afraid to get our hands dirty. I think we've had a chance to prove that to some of the locals down here so hopefully we represented ourselves well."

The last time Guiding Light actors Bradley Cole and Michael O'Leary were at this house the two men  helped install dry wall. Two months later, they said they were proud of the work of Hands On Gulf Coast volunteers and were eager to pitch in once again only this time for the finishing touches.

Michael O'Leary said, "All your differences, narcissism is put aside because It's not about you. It's about that woman in that trailer and it's about getting in there and making a difference in her life."

The woman in the trailer was Gerda. She had strict instructions, no peaking.

"I'm so excited I don't know what to say," she said.

When time finally came for Gerda Broy to see her new home, she was almost speechless. The Biloxi woman couldn't believe that her nearly two year struggle was over.

"I've got a home now," she said. "I think it's even better than I had it before."

"I've been on the show for 22 years," said O'Leary. "This was by far the most intimate bonding experience any of the cast members had bar none. It exceeds anything that ever happens at the studio. Doing something like this."

About five Guiding Light crew members also helped out Tuesday. The Soap paid for the home's furnishings and the show's set designer decorated the house.