Moss Point Residents Welcome "Nosey Neighbors"

"You can't be a good neighbor unless you are a nosey neighbor, when it comes to crime," Moss Point Alderman George Martin said.

That's why Martin and dozens of community members in Ward 6 have committed themselves to being as nosey as possible in their neighborhoods.

"Right now Moss Point has a shortage of police, and this is additional support to our police department. We are helping them do their job," Martin said.

Residents even have a name for the group - Nosey Neighbors. It's a title Mona Amis says she is proud to have if it saves a life.

"For instance, last week I was being nosey. I was watching someone who did not belong in our neighborhood. He was going door to door saying he needed gas and money. I know he did not belong in our neighborhood. He was casing," Amis said.

Residents say the neighborhood watch is more than just catching robbers, crooks and thieves. They will also be on the lookout for those individuals who disobey the city's ordinances.

Just a week ago, Ruth and Rev. Randy Kimbrough were both attacked by two unleashed pitt bulls outside their Dantzler Drive residence.

"We had problems with dogs killing cats," Ruth Kimbrough said.

The Kimbroughs hope the neighborhood watch will help with that too.

"Once you know your neighbor, you feel more responsible for their welfare. They are not just a name in the phone book, they are someone you can identify with. And we want them to feel safe and they want you to feel safe," Rev. Randy Kimbrough said.

And a safer community is a better community.