PE Legislation A Good Start To Fighting Obesity In Mississippi

How do we break the cycle of obesity in our state?

Some will point out that as the poorest state in the nation, our citizens don't have access to healthy food choices. Others will say our youth now play on their computers and never exercise like all of us did.

We can always find excuses. To break this cycle, we must start with our youth.

We are happy to point out that the state legislature this past session passed a bill that requires all Kindergarten through eight grade students have 150 minutes each week of physical activity. That amounts to 30 minutes a day of physical education.

That's a great start to getting our children more active and shedding a few pounds.

In addition these same children will be required to have 45 minutes each week of health education instruction. Hopefully our children will learn more about proper diets, eating habits and healthy life styles. Plus, all of us adults should set a good example for our children and make sure we eat right and exercise.

We cannot expect this one bill to solve our obesity problem here in Mississippi. But the children of today will soon be our adult citizens of tomorrow. If we are ever going to improve the overall health of our citizens, it must begin with our youth.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV Station Manager